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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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to >> >> >> you are watching cbs 5 i would this news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone .. >> caltrans is warning drivers to avoid the golden gate bridge
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over the weekend. >> that is when it will start tearing down the section of doyle drive. kate is live where doyle drive will be closed all weekend. >> that is right. as you can see behind me there are blinking signs and they have been staged all around the bay area letting people know that doyle drive will be close this weekend but it is not keeping everyone away. yes, closing down one of the main connections to san fransisco is a big deal. so was mom's night out. >> we plan on taking the ferry into the city and have an early dinner and then go to the park can take the ferry home. >> she's determined to get to the giants came this week in and the closure is not stopping her. >> i'm not worried with the ferry, i am just thinking that it will demand for steel that is not thinking at a time. my strategy is to get there as soon as possible. >> the bridge will shut down tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. all away until early monday morning. it just shy of its 75th birthday
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doyle drive will be coming down at and 60 hours of continuous work will begin to read >> the bridge district says there is a plan in place. >> i can't say enough, use the ferries. the golden gate ferris system is doubling of the ferry is this weekend. >> there will also be free bus routes making public transportation accessible and an adventure. >> but 101 will come from san santa rosa and get to the san francisco bay bridge and and we will have a staging area here at the bridge where the 70 and 80 will come here and people will hop on a shuttle that runs every 15 minutes. >> for those headed to the beer festival or at&t park, it will be worth the trip. >> definitely, it is a was worth it to go to a giants game. >> to be fair everyone that we spoke to, the majority of people said it would be just staying home and avoiding the traffic but if you are like lori and wanted to the giants came
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unfortunately all those very tickets to at&t park are completely booked but we spoke to people at the ferry building and they say that they're trying to charter back a fairy from san fransisco terminal to larkspur but we love to stand by, more information. coming up. we're live in san fransisco with cbs 5. >> plan ahead and take your time. thank you. >> plans for a new fleet of trains already sparking a big fight. ann mackovic is here with why some people say outsourcing the construction is just not the american way. >> we want to the board and everyone else to know that we support union jobs. >> protest as the bart board of directors here's staff recommendation to award a multibillion-dollar contract to a canadian company to build the bart fleet. >> the company that we are recommending has the highest technical score and also the lowest price. so it is really the best of both worlds. >> the parts spokesperson says the company came in half a
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billion dollars under budget with a $2.5 billion bid for the 775 new cars. this is an artist rendering provided by bart. >> if they can have people work for 20ยข per hour that would be cheap. we want jobs in america. that is what we are here for. >> allen says there are no american companies that build the kind of cars that it wants in fact the top three choices are in canada and korea and france. all pledging to use american parts and labor costs for the majority. >> pledging 66 percent of the parts have american contents, and assembling cars in america. >> on the east coast here is a picture of their new york factory. protesters want a larger percentage of american goods used in production. the congressman said a staffer to speak at the meeting. >> this is taxpayer dollars, and the congressman believes that park has an opportunity right now to create many american jobs if it chooses to do so. >> the earliest the board will
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vote to make this official is make sense. >> more arrests could be coming following an overnight drug raid in oakland. police used slash bang grenades to enter a large warehouse near the colosseum around 9:30 p.m. last night. they seized several loaded weapons and marijuana plants. 11 people were arrested and two pitbulls taken away by animal control. at the stories we're following around the bay area. police in san fransisco asking for help in finding 3 hate crime suspects. the men are linked to two attacks in recent weeks. one incident happened on castro street and the other on market street. in both cases the suspect attacked victims while yelling homophobic remarks. this woman is accused of medical fraud. they say that her company overcharged tens of thousands of dollars for spinal implants. this is one of first criminal cases of its kind in the state. crews from america's most wanted were in morgan hill yesterday
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shooting video of the search for sierra lamar for an upcoming episode. if the broadcast has helped bring on more than 50 missing children and put their own doctors behind bars. >> a former pg&e employee that was caught using a false name to infiltrate an anti smart meters group had the support of senior managers at that utility. if the public utilities commission found him passing information he had gathered to his superiors. mercury news reports that state regulators will decide whether pg&e will be fined for that infraction. >> the secret service prostitution scandal is growing. there are new allegations of another incident. a seattle tv station is reporting agency hired strippers and prostitutes in el salvador last year. this comes in the aftermath of the colombian scandal when several agents were suspended for allegedly hiring prostitutes and taking them back to their hotel. nancy pelosi spoke about the scandals today. >> the secret service has a
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great responsibility to protect our president. and that a few of them would tainted image of the secret service, in this way, it is particularly disgusting and that is what i have to say about that. >> the secret service agency is investigating this latest allegation. john edwards attorneys turned up the heat on his former campaign aide today. he is on trial for illegally using campaign funds up to $1 million to hide his pregnant mistress. the aide claims that edwards asked him to pretend to be the baby's father. young said that edwards gave him access to campaign funds to keep the woman hidden. >> up next, safer skies. the plan to tildes at a busy airport that has many bird lovers: file. >a mother says her daughter was treated like a terrorist. >> and why these pilots are having such a hard time touching down ... >> i am lawrence in the weather center, we have seen clouds and
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a few showers in the bay area and it is breezy also.,,,,,,,,,,
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>> take a look here, strong winds made for quite a bump the right for passengers arriving at this airport in spain. the pilot managed to get control of that airplane but a number of the flights had to be diverted. this airplane here aborted the landing and for good reason. several spanish coastal towns were hit with a mighty windy weather. but minimal damage. just a couple of upturned stomachs. >> a mother has filed a complaint with the tsa after airport security agents tried to pat down her 4 year-old toddler. she says that as the family went through security, her four year- old daughter isabella of hugs her grandmother and an aging
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held up the child had apparently demanded a pat down. the girl refused and the tsa says agents follow proper procedure. two former and to current tsa screeners at the los angeles international airport are accused of taking bribes. investigators say the 4 suspects took as much as $2,400 to let suitcases full of methamphetamine and cocaine and marijuana through x-ray machines. they have been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges and could face life in prison if convicted. >> is the skit in the way airplanes than it should be killed, that is what one new york lawmaker is proposing. the jamaica bay wildlife refuge near jfk international in new york has been causing problems. last week a jet had to make an emergency landing after tubers were sucked into one of its engines. a u.s. senator is proposing legislation now that makes it easier to remove canadian geese from that refuge. >> the bay area pollution fighting efforts are paying off. the american lung association
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says the san francisco bay area has dropped off of a list of the top 25 most polluted regions in the nation. their study found that three of the nine least smog counties are located in the bay area with few exceptions, northern california error is safe to and hail. side is asking to see any surveillance video that shows the mirror over southern california. some fragments have been found in the sierra foothills east of sacramento. nasa says the fragments of me right are rich with 4 billion year-old amino acids and complex organic compounds. >> it is a store known for selling just about anything. how costco is helping people achieve the american dream to read >> there's no crying in baseball. we think so. so what brought this little fan to tears? >> a cold front sweeping up winds in the bay area. moving out of town just a bit. still some showers outside. we'll talk about that and hopefully bring you some sunshine coming up .. >> i am tony tantillo lives at
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original joe's, although the restaurant has been here for a long time. we will make their s,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a couple of texas rangers fans pulled a major no-no at last night's game, keeping a foul ball from a young kid. everytime i see this it breaks my heart.
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the rangers first baseman threw a foul ball into the stands and the was the typical mad rush. >> and she is taking a picture with it! >> this couple left the boy next to them in tears. he did end up with a ball when someone from the organization saw what was going on and for one into the stands. now he is happy and smiling. and the couple is plain nice. >> the couple to their left off of the christmas card list. >> did you see that little kid holding his hand out want to get that ball. >> it breaks my heart. >> turning into baseball weather for the next couple of days. and wind is whipping up just a bit. some light showers in parts of the east bay right now but that is just about it. then things settle down. skies starting to break out over the bay. 56 degrees in livermore and 59 in san jose. and 62 degrees in santa rosa. some of these wins almost gusting to 30 m.p.h. in the bay
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area so it will be breezy afternoon outside, cool on the clothesline, partly cloudy and if the wind settles down we will see fog developing in the valleys and in big changes ahead this weekend. is going to turn out to be very nice. we of low pressure to the south and showers overnight. this will drop enough in the north to give us a cold front and scattered showers but those are tapered off. breezy in the afternoon but high-pressure begins to slide in overhead and we're looking at great weather as we set sail into this weekend. clouds will part this afternoon more so than tonight. in couple patches of ground fog but you get the idea that there is a change in the wind direction and that will spell out pretty nice weather as we head into friday. senator is looking like this. 64 degrees in livermore. much cooler than yesterday. 65 degrees in san jose and 62 in oakland and 61 degrees and 7 cisco. only 50's along the coastline, the wind whipping a pretty good out there. the next couple days we are going to see more sunshine on the way. some cheers near 80 degrees in some spots as we head toward sunday.
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looking good into monday and this that time of the year, you have not been around for awhile. we have all these great festivities, the dream machines. up there check out the planes, they have a professional smash up derby. i'm not sure how you win that. it should be a great time out there and the weather will be fantastic. if you want to do some skiing then have to get that in in a hurry because the snow is melting. partly cloudy skies at mammoth mountain. squaw valley partly cloudy as we can, should be dry with a light dusting of snow, 3 in. across some of the higher peaks but after this it is getting late in the season. enjoy it while you can because it won't be long before it is gone. >> thank you. >> costco is rolling out a new service that just might surprise you. the discount superstore offering a mortgage lending program. partnering with first choice bank and 10 other lenders. 10,000 people have already taken out their home loans. the retailer also offers health insurance and automobile
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insurance and will soon offer a student loans. >> allow programs to help students in college but far less support to keep them there. sharon shannon explains what this week's jefferson award winner is doing to help students earned their degrees. >> alex holmes college students succeed with this key principle. >> college was not the destination, but it was a stepping stone. >> alex learned the lesson the hard way. per immigrant parents told her that college was the key to the american dream. >> i was told i had to go to dartmouth. >> to was the first and her family to go to dartmouth. >> i landed at dartmouth and realized how to pronounce it before i got there but they all celebrated the college exceptions as if we had won the lottery. >> college was tough. >> i struggled academically. i struggled emotionally. i struggled socially and financially.
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>> she persevered and graduated. in 2009 her struggles inspired her to start " beyond 12 ". a nonprofit mentoring program based in san francisco. college graduates coach underrepresented students were more likely to drop out. >> only about 9 percent of students from a low syncom quartile can expect to earned a bachelor's degree, versus 75 percent of students from highest income quartile. >> today their mentoring more than 801st and second year college students in the bay area. about a quarter of them here at san fransisco state university. >> she says her to your coach lillian johnson has been our guide. >> we recently did a for your plan. so i have all my semesters, the class i should take. and if i did not have her, i would not even have a your plan. >> full-time coaches like her mentor about 100 students every year.
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>> i love what i do. because it is meaningful, i feel the difference every single day. >> and under the direction of alex, a partner with schools to track the progress of more than 12,000 alumni to discover how schools can better prepare them for college. this coach calls alex a role model. >> knowing what she went through and what she has accomplished, that is very empowering. >> it feels like this is my life's purpose. >> so for helping hundreds of students realize their college streams, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to alex. >> you can get more information on beyond 12th online at just like the connection button at the t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> coming up at 5:00, he is only eight of this bay area kid can cope. >> how the boys passion for food has put him in the national spotlight. speaking of food, a legendary severance or restaurant reopened at a new location. >> tony tantillo is in north beach where our original joe's is dishing out the classic bay area dishes. >> you are right, this is such a classic. it as an institution and move to north beach how long ago? >> we opened in january cut 28.
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>> and want you to plan the restaurant right now. look at all these people lined up. even these two people at the bar. they follow me everywhere. i can't get rid of them. that is ok. it is family. you have to do that. elin up. tell me something about original joe's. you never changed what made original joe's? >> now we have not. my grandfather opened it in 1937 and we have had the same menu and concept ever since. >> you did not do anything chic or anything like that. and this is one of the original dishes that everyone tries to make but i'm telling you, i can't make it like you. >> it has been on the menu since 1937, a combination of ground beef, sauteed mushrooms, chopped spinach, aids and sauteed mushrooms. >> can explain what we have here? >> this is a breaded veal cutlet with a ruble a tomato salad on top. >> and of course your hamburger.
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>> we are famous for the jos burger. very simple ground beef and swiss cheese on toasted bread. >> and meatballs and ravioli. i get to stay here and enjoy this wonderful lunch. let me tell you about this original dish. the chef right now, get a shot of that. take a look at how beautiful the dishes are. look, there is not a lot to do with these dishes, they could very simple, how many of these go out per day? >> how many of these go out every day? >> 60. >> it is our number one selling item next to the burger. >> we're so glad that you were here in this icon of a position in north beach where restaurants have been here for decades. >> thankyou we appreciate that. >> can i ask you one thing? >> absolutely. >> can i try this right now? >> please do. >> watch this, my brother is on the phone talking to his wife. i just busted him. he's not supposed to be right
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now, he is supposed to be working. he is in trouble. >> you just got him in trouble. >> live from our original joe's in north beach. thank you. good by everyone. i'm going to have a great lunch. >> bring something home for us. but tony is not coming back i don't think. >> hopefully he will bring us some food. >> i would hope so. he said his brother, why not us. >> but he got his brother in trouble. that is going to do for the cbs 5 news.
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